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Rabbit hunting is a practice spread worldwide due to the range of habitats the rabbit has, allowing hunters from all over the world to enjoy hunting rabbits (hares). Although it might seem like an easy task compared to other types of hunting, rabbit hunting requires more accuracy, skills and tactics than many others. Some may argue that a small, fury animal like the rabbit can’t possibly be a challenge for a fairly experienced hunter, but the truth is these creatures do have some aces up their sleeves and do know how to use them.
Furthermore, the rabbit’s best and well-known weapon is agility, speed which is crucial in its survival in nature. Its powerful back legs help the rabbit reach impressive speeds - you will often be surprised as to how fast they can sprint when jumping from a bush you’ve just come close to.

One more problem, when it comes to their agility, is the fact that they never run in a line, but choose to make a confusing array of movements while running. Sometimes this strategy confuses them too and they end up running in a complete circle, so be patient and you may have an easy shot instead of a tiring chase. They have a pretty good stamina and can keep running for a relatively long time without slowing down the pace.

Another thing that makes it difficult to successfully hunt rabbits is their capacity to camouflage their presence in many terrain types. They’ve adapted so that their fur matches the color of the inhabited territory. Being rather small in size, they manage to escape unseen even through thin bushes and similar kind of cover (but usually do not wait for anyone to get close to their hide-out and run vigorously when they sense danger). That is why rabbit hunting should always be done in a quiet and slow manner, in the same time being attentive and prepared. This leads us to the rabbits’ best form of defense, their highly developed senses.
Surviving in such harsh conditions and with so many predators forces a small animal like the rabbit to develop not only great speed and camouflage abilities, but also exceptionally sensitive senses. The rabbit’s appearance clearly indicates its keen sense of hearing, being able to hear sound from as long as two miles away, with the other senses being just as remarkable. For instance their sense of smell is so sharp that they can smell food that is bellow ground. Their eyesight is exceptionally accurate, especially at night, and are able to detect predators from a long distance. Altogether, using these hyper-senses the rabbit can manage to escape predators and hunters and many times even avoid them completely.

As you can see, rabbit hunting is not a walk in the park and requires higher attentiveness and skill for it to be a success. In other words, rabbit hunting distinguishes itself as an independent and unique practice, due to the very few aspects that links it to other forms of hunting.
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