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How To Call A Rabbit

Although not very popular among rabbit hunters, calling rabbits is a very different technique that not many hunters have tried, but it can be a unique experience with unexpected results. There are several rabbit calls on the market that hunters can consider purchasing.

The most efficient way to get rabbits to come to you is to find out which are their favorite treats. Using pieces of tomato or chunks of melons as lures is a great way for calling rabbits in. In order to efficiently call rabbits, you will need to follow the next steps:

● Place the lures around the area where you know rabbits are living.

● Use your rabbit call for about 5 minutes and then make a pause. If nothing happens, repeat the procedure for 2-3 times. ● The rabbits will hear the call and will get curious. They will start to analyze the area and eventually they will find the lure - that would be the perfect time to take them down, during their meal.

As rabbits are very fast animals you will have some limited chances of taking them down while they are eating their meal, so think before you place the lure and position yourself. The calling position is very important as it will offer you the chance to efficiently shot these animals. Jackrabbits will respond to a call but make sure that it sounds like a dying cat and don’t exaggerate when calling. When you spook a rabbit, don’t make the mistake of chasing him, just watch and wait for him to stop and put the stalk on him when he settles down. If you do chase him, you will most likely never catch him.

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