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How To Skin A Rabbit

If you are willing to do it yourself then some good advice will help you when trying to skin a rabbit. As you might have figured it out, this is a delicate procedure that takes lots of precision and patience in order to be done without any mistakes. Here is what you should do (be careful and read all the instructions twice).
The first thing to do with the rabbit is to lay him down on its back on a flat surface. You must pinch the rabbit’s skin in the lower belly area (the loose part). After doing so, get a sharp knife and start cutting the skin and make a small hole.

Caution: be very careful when starting to make the hole as you mustn’t puncture the stomach lining.

After completing this step, start removing the skin (tear all the skin around the animal). If you don’t have enough power to do so then you should directly cut right around.

By using the loosened edges you should grasp the skin’s halves firmly in the middle of the belly and pull as hard as you can in both ways right until you see that the front and back legs are skinless. After you have done this the next thing in order is to cut off the rabbit’s head and snap the legs lower part in order to remove the rabbit’s feet.

In order to remove the anus and the intestine you must cut through the groin and then cut a “V” shaped into the rabbit’s flesh where the tail joins – this way you can remove the rabbit’s tail. Carefully cut the stomach lining without cutting the intestines and then remove the guts. Once you have completed this step you must check the rabbit’s liver as well as other internal organs and see if there are any white spots or signs of white patches or other unusual deformities. If you do find such things, you should get rid of that rabbit as soon as possible.

After checking if the rabbit is healthy, you should do a final check and see if the rabbit is clean inside. If you want to prepare a delicious meal, it is highly advisable to soak the rabbit in salted water in which you will spray a little bit of vinegar. Keep the rabbit inside for the entire night. Afterwards get your rabbit recipe and start cooking!

As you can see, it is not a very easy procedure and not many people can do it but if you do like getting your hands dirty, literally, then it is worth a shot.
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