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Rabbit Decoys

The use of rabbit decoys is certainly a new thing in the hunting world (compared to waterfowlers who have been using them for centuries). Only a few years have passed since the hunting community started taking these decoys seriously into consideration. The main disadvantage of rabbit decoys is that they are limited to bow hunting as they are too dangerous in rifle areas. The modern rabbit decoys have a real life-like look that can be easily mistaken for the real rabbit by other hunters.

A rabbit decoy should be placed on a well used travel route or scrape line that will afford the hunter a good visibility - in the same time it shouldn’t be very wide open as rabbits will feel uncomfortable. When picking your hunting location make sure it is in the nearby vicinity of a tree suitable for a tree stand.

In order to be efficient, hunters should install more than one rabbit decoys in order for the “picture” to look as real as it gets. Don’t exaggerate and install too many decoys either, as the rabbits will become suspicious and will most likely run away from that spot. Set the decoys near your tree stand for you to have a chance for a clear shot. It is recommended to set the decoy broadside to the tree stand – this way the rabbits will come in from the front or the rear.

Rabbit decoys have a major disadvantage: in the morning the sun rays reflect on the decoys thus reducing their efficiency. This disadvantage can be eliminated by using velvet finished decoys that don’t reflect the sun rays and are visible from greater distances in comparison with regular decoys. Many experienced hunters affirm that using rabbit decoys is a real asset for the hunter if the decoys are installed properly and have a realistic look.

When looking for rabbit decoys, you should purchase extremely light decoys that are easy to carry around. Decoys made of durable foam, hand craved and painted proved their efficiency over the years, since they were introduced. Products that come equipped with a geared motor for rotating the head are also recommended as they offer a realistic looking motion.

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