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Rabbit Snares

There are many different types of rabbit snares available to the keen hunter, some more effective than others, but often that depends on individual preferences. Some are basic in their design and operation, others a little more sophisticated, but each have a decent success rate. They can be single or multiple capability and are relatively cheap.

Pegged snares are very popular, not just for their ability but also for their simplicity in usage. They incorporate nylon, as do the 6ply versions with a cord attachments. Some snares are used on fences and can be almost 2 feet in length. There are also things known as tealers which work along side the snares during setting and, as they are robust and lightweight, it makes them the perfect accompaniment.

In order to be efficient, hunters should install more than one rabbit decoys in order for the “picture” to look as real as it gets. Don’t exaggerate and install too many decoys either, as the rabbits will become suspicious and will most likely run away from that spot. Set the decoys near your tree stand for you to have a chance for a clear shot. It is recommended to set the decoy broadside to the tree stand – this way the rabbits will come in from the front or the rear.

Hunters will continue to buy rabbit snares due to decades of efficiency in catching the creatures. They have improved over time and are now a little more humane than some of the earlier creations. They really do offer the most practical way of capturing the rabbits at a very reasonable price.

Extras such as brass eyelets can be purchased to assist with the snaring and many will also acquire a drum of soft brass wire which can make as many as 700 snares depending on length and number of strands used.

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