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Rabbit Cage Traps

Rabbit hunting can take on many forms but a tried and trusted method involves the use of rabbit traps, traps that come in many variations. These can vary in size and as a consequence the inevitable cost, but they do have a high success rate and especially with regard to the cheaper versions, they can simply be folded away, so the transportation and storage is ideal.

Rabbit hunting traps have been on the market for years but recent adaptations are receiving excellent testimonials. Easy to set up and very light in weight, they are also humane in the way they work, making them a hunter’s dream. The majority will be steel galvanised before manufacture making them completely rust proof and thus able to be used over and over again.

They can have a free fall door mechanism, sometimes with a secondary lock and crucially have carrying handles to ensure those fingers are safely out of harms way. Many are multi-catch traps able to hold as many as 15 rabbits at once. Operational control is totally with the user and very often they are actually self resetting.

The rabbit cage traps are spacious and have smooth edges providing a safe place of containment. Such traps do work - there is absolutely no doubt about it and statistics back that up. They offer a fail-safe opportunity and many of the contraptions come fully assembled and complete with useful tips to get the most out of them.

Rabbit Cage Traps For Sale

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